It’s coming up to 21st December 2019 Time of Solstice…Time for Reflection

For us in the southern hemisphere it’s our longest day of the year-whereas for the northerners it’s the shortest.

Either way its approaching the end of the calendar year and there’s a break in the rhythm of work.

This year is different because it’s also the end of a decade, the beginning of a new one and I hear people asking, “What do I want differently from the next decade?”

At LoveLegacyDignity what we aspire to help you with is “Peace of Mind” that whilst you’re doing your best to shape the life you want to lead, that you have also engaged with your inevitable and uncertain mortality.

Peace of Mind.

We hope you can say yes to all of these questions. If you can’t then please sign up for one of our courses and we’ll help you get there.

  1. Do those who you love know how much you love them?
  2. Do you have an up-to-date Last Will and Testament?
  3. Do you have an Advanced Directive which specifies your medical preferences in a medical emergency?
  4. Have you nominated a Health Care Proxy to make decisions for you should you be incapacitated and unable to speak for yourself?
  5. Have you and your health care proxy had the discussion so that you have a clear shared understanding?
  6. Do you have a Living Willing place which sets out what matters most to you if your end-of-life comes about slowly?
  7. Does your financial planning align and support your Living Will?
  8. Do you have all your personal administration in order (see our Check List for Checking Out) so that it will be easy for your executor to wind up your estate?
  9. Have you specified what needs to happen on the day you die in terms of ritual and practicalities?
  10. If you are an organ donor do the people who need to know actually know?
  11. Have you specified what rituals and services (if any) are to be followed with the who, what, where clearly set out and a budget that meets your wishes?
  12. Are there specific bequests you’d like to make and if so, have your written these down?
  13. Are there any letters you want to leave behind for loved ones to read after you’ve gone or on a specific special occasion in their lives in the future?
  14. Do you know what you would want a praise-singer to say about you, to celebrate you, and are you living the life that aligns with these aspirations?

Enjoy your year-end reflections. Play. Create a Vision Board.

If you can’t say yes to all the questions above, then consider coming to one of our courses.