I live with metastatic breast cancer.  The knowledge that I will die one day is both a universal reality which I share with all human beings and a very concrete experience.  I want to thrive in my life, not just survive my cancer, so I sought help from Helena Dolny.

Her well conceptualised Love, Legacy and Dignity programme helped me to organise my own thinking about my goals, priorities and dreams for my future.  Her practical advice for managing affairs has helped me to get that admin, which we all avoid, that is central to living as much as it is to dying, in place.  Her emphasis on” dignity “has opened up conversations with my medical team, family and friends.

I enjoyed   Helena’s pragmatic compassion and gentle humour.  I can highly recommend this course to anyone who wants to live a meaningful, connected life.

Dana Labe

For many years I have said that dying and death is a journey we will all embark on and its the one we are least prepared for. Joining a group on the maiden voyage of LoveLegacyDignity has been a profound experience. I have been exposed to deep reflection and given really useful knowledge and know how about the end of life journey. I am deeply grateful for the opportunity to be better prepared and educate both myself and my loved ones as what departing with dignity means for me.

Sharon JansenExecutive Coach

LoveLegacyDignity is a deeply reflective, rewarding and refreshing approach to Dying with Grace, Clarity and Care for both yourself and those you love. Helena has poured a lifetime of experience into a carefully curated series of processes and exercises. She employs multiple modalities and a treasure trove of tools to guide you through the complex terrain of preparing for the transition between Life and Death. It is an unforgettable experience and I highly recommend it to anyone wanting to leave this world and Die with Dignity.

Laura MalanExectutive Coach, Educator, Lover of Life

Living far from my family I would be anxious when I’d receive a call from home at odd hours. I constantly thought about death and dying with paralysing anxiety. I decided to attend Love Legacy Dignity to deal with my fears. But true to the brochure the course is “life affirming”.  Instead of being consumed by fear, I now sing with Queen Latifah’s “I’m gonna live until I die”. I chose this song in the session on final rites. I felt a sweet sadness but more so a genuine celebration. Being deliberate and knowledgeable about living and dying has eased my anxiety.

Helena is masterful. She is authentic. It is obvious that she has created the course as love-work.

Wacango Kimani