Workshop Series

LoveLegacyDignity commits to creating a Thinking EnvironmentTM, to support workshop participants to do their own best independent thinking for themselves and with each other – whilst supplying information to support the deliberations. The vision is to create conversation catalysts for decision-making, and build conversational muscle to overcome the taboos and inhibitions that stop people talking about mortality. This programme takes place over 8 sessions of 4 hours each.               

Looking back at various strands of your life to date – the ups and the downs, and where are you now? What would the praise singer say now if there were to be a celebratory occasion?

  • Timeline – Life Line
  • Praise Singer Exercise

Shaping the next phase of your life. What depletes your energy and what gives you energy? The influence of the unconscious, dismantling limiting assumptions and creating a future vision.

  • Creating a vision board
  • Exploring limiting assumptions

Review the current state of your relationships: family, friends, colleagues and others. Create clarity about these relationships and what steps can be taken to release or renew them.

  • Mosaic – meditating change & forgiveness
  • Conversations for release, renew or simply ease

By imagining your very own unexpected death, you understand on what matters most to you, the importance of having difficult conversations and what you need to have in place.

  • Compiling an Advance Directive and a Health Care Proxy
  • Purple File – a checklist for checking out
  • Conversation techniques for decision making

Understanding the process of dying slowing and exploring what you value, why it’s important, who you trust, actions you would appreciate and what you would like.

  •  Living Will & Video Recording. Finances
  • How to have conversations with important others such as Family, Doctor, Financial Advisor

The first 2 hours, the first day – Before and after the “service”

  • Planning the “event” – who, where, what, how?
  • Who needs to know what?
  • Bequests & Letters

What people, faculties, experiences are precious to you? Choose five. What would it mean to lose them? Grief – what matters?

  • Meditation
  • Identifying changes, if any

By appreciating yourself and others you are able to create joy in your life by giving and receiving gratitude.

  • Creating gratitude creations
  • What do you want the praise singer to say in years ahead