Vital Matters Cards

Our belief, at LoveLegacyDignity is that the more conversations we have the more we secure not only our own dignity but also that of our families. This is because these conversations, whilst seemingly logistical and practical, often surface emotions. And ultimately the conversations leading to specific decisions being made pre-empt conflict. Many of us can share stories we know of, even if we didn’t experience them directly, where family member under stress, not at their best, quarrel at this time of duress.

Questions are generative. We offer you three questions as you ponder these cards:

  • What matters most to you?
  • What do you need to have in place?
  • What conversations do you need to have?

There are 36 cards – three of them are blank. We think there maybe things we haven’t thought of that are important to you –if so take a blank card and write on it.  Sit quietly and look at the cards. We suggest you sort them into three categories

  • Strongly agree this matters to me
  • Disagree or feel indifferent to
  • Need to think more about this

Take the pile of cards of what matters most to you and put them in rank order with the most important on top.

  • Use the cards as a conversation catalyst

After this solo work- then create the opportunity for conversations. Harmony, based on shared understanding, means that others understand your choice, even if they are different from the choices that they would make.

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