Personal Mastery Workshop

8 hours

LOOKING BACK – LOOKING FORWARD: Readiness for the Unexpected

A Centering Meditation and Breathing Practise: Setting the intention for the day

This workshop activity explores:
(a) What would the praise singer say if there were to be a celebratory occasion of your life now?
(b) What would you like the praise-singer to be able to say differently in say ten years’ time?
(c) What steps might you consider taken to secure that future? And what, if any limiting assumptions might you be holding that might stop stand in your way?

This session maps out the emotional well-being of our relationships- family, friends, colleagues and others. It draws on the work of the genogram to indicate, using colour coding, the current state of our social panorama with an invitation to reflect on the future.

Drawing on the work of Mpho Tutu and her father Archbishop Emeritus Desmond Tutu in their Book of Forgiving, this session invites you into a meditational labyrinth to explore the four-fold path of forgiveness: telling the story, naming the hurt, granting forgiveness, renewing or releasing the relationship.

This session requests you to imagine that you will be killed in an accident in the next twenty-four hours. A series of Thinking Pairs create the framework for exploratory conversations. “What matters most to you? What conversations would you have wanted to have had? And who needs to know what?”
You are invited to complete your Advance Directive, creating a Purple File as you compile your Check List for Checking Out as well as nominating your Health Care Proxy

This session offers you a pack of cards, VITAL Matters, I value, its important, I trust… I’d appreciate… I’d like. The invitation is to explore your own demise and clarify what’s most important to you. The desired outcome is that as a result of the discussion you will draft your Living Will, think about your Bequests, any letters you wish to leave behind. It is a deeply thought-provoking session with a focus on securing dignity for all concerned

The workshop ends on a high note with each person creating a keepsake which represents the people they appreciate and love in their lives.

Who is this for?
This workshop has been delivered on post graduate Executive Education programmes to groups of 24 delegates aged between 35-45.