Introductory Talk

1 – 2 hours

These are freely available on request – with a request for an an honorarium to cover travel expenses as appropriate.

The workshop ranges from 1 to 2 hours. The format varies according to the setting. There’s a more interactive, participatory style for a small group and a power point supported presentation for a more formal setting.

The purpose of the talk is for people to understand the scope of LoveLegacyDignity – that the discussions focus on we choose to live whilst being well-prepared for our inevitable deaths.

Moreover, that people leave understanding that being prepared is more than simply having a will in place. And that one of the most valuable gifts you can offer to those you love is to embrace your mortality and be specific about your wishes and thus ensure not only your own dignity but also theirs.

Who is it for?

This talk has been presented to: small informal discussion groups, coaches, financial clients (Merrill Lynch), retiree groups (World Bank), Death Cafe’s, religious groups (Limmud).