Life, Work and Leadership at this time of Loss

What can be done to better support each other during this time?

And specifically, what leadership role can business unit heads, managers and team-leaders play as they lead with awareness of the impact that COVID-19 is having on their direct report and their families.

We live in extra-ordinary times that require managers to review the
way that we work together and our leadership role. Leading a
team takes on a new meaning and dimension as we are challenged to
maintain performance levels whilst working in entirely new
These challenges are overlaid with others which are specific to the
prevailing COVID-19 pandemic. As the numbers of persons testing
COVID-19 positive has increased in our society, our workplace has
changed dramatically. The concept of supporting employee well-being
requires new thinking. More people are self –isolating, in
quarantine, waiting for test results or dealing with death in their
family and beyond.