Dr Helena Dolny final pitch – just IMAGINE if… 2019

Introduced by competition counsellor, Sacha Romanovitch, former CEO of Grant Thornton LLP Just IMAGINE if… planning end-of-life healthcare really did ease the associated pain and suffering. That is the pitch from Dr Helena Dolny, who has created Love, Legacy and Dignity – three applications which seek to change the way we think about death. About the idea: Why do we find it so difficult to talk about dying? Families can be torn apart whilst making hard decisions about “What would they have wanted”. Why did we never have the conversations? Perhaps we can live better and spend less on end-of-life healthcare if we talk with more ease and focus about death. Data certainly suggests that there are clear societal benefits to starting the conversation about health options earlier. The Love, Legacy and Dignity (LLD) initiative seeks to produce three free mobile apps to compliment a range of webinars, online courses and personal coaching. Love: will map the well-being of our relationships. Legacy: preparing the state of our affairs that will be left behind for others; and Dignity: focusing on end-of-life wishes, securing our dignity and also that of our families during a difficult time. Just IMAGINE if… could provide the research and business planning required to launch LLD into the world. The pitch was given at the just IMAGINE if… 2019 enterprise competition final in February 2019; a competition founded by Paul Lindley OBE (founder of Ella’s Kitchen) in partnership with the University of Reading and Henley Business School. Learn more: http://www.justimagineif.co.uk